''Machanents'' theatre of Ejmiatsin announced the start of the new theatratical season with the educational performance ''We are not afraid of the disaster''.
The performance was staged within the scope of the educational program ''Preparedness to the disasters with the help of youth performances''. During the 40 minutes of the performance the three pigs together with the wolf disaster presented the audience the possible disasters and the ways to avoid or be protected.
The attempt of the director to present to the audience an innovative, interesting and informative performance can surely be considered a succesful one taking into account the level of the awareness of the audience after the performance.
Among the guests of the premiere were Mayor of Ejmiatsin Karen Grigoryan, Head of the Administration of Education, Culture and Sport of Armavir Marz Gayane Sayadyan, representatives from the financing company and Regional Rescue Administration of Armavir.
At the end of the performance Mayor of Ejmiatsin Karen Grigoryan was asked to deliver a speech as a permanent supporter and friend of the theatre.
The performance will be staged 22 times to get the pupils of different schools of Ejmiatsin region introduced with the security rules and the necessary actions during a certain situation.