Welcome to a school that creates opportunities for all children, where education meets art; a school where imagination and new ideas are encouraged, and where experienced and caring staff make every effort to maximize a child’s potential and develop their talents.
Welcome to a school where every child can feel safe, learn more about his national and universal values, be his true self, and seek to fulfil his potential,

Here, in a loving and warm environment, children can be creative and have fun, meanwhile developing skills that will help them to choose their professions and move into their futures. We create conditions conducive to individuality and each child’s unique tastes, vision, and creative development.
CAU offers classes in painting, pottery, national cuisine, carpet and rug making, choir and vocal classes, interactive games and activities, master classes, and hosts various cultural events.

We respect everyone’s individuality and originality and encourage each child’s self-expression. We believe that we must begin now to promote national and universal values and form an educated and informed society so as to improve our welfare and ensure a bright future for ourselves. We believe that there will come a day when the sun will rise from the same horizon for all Armenians.