Founding and History

 Cross of Armenian Unity charitable cultural organization (CAU) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit charitable cultural organization.
In 1987, a group came together to provide small-scale social initiatives and care and support for orphans.
And in 1991, CAU was officially registered in the newly independent Republic of Armenia, becoming one of its first NGOs.
CAU has always prioritized education and culture for the younger generation and has carried out a number of educational, cultural, and social outreach programs aimed at the wellbeing of the beneficiaries and their families and the development of society. CAU aims to make children and their families participants in the process, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of the program.
In 2003, CAU adopted its current method of art education and continues to improve and expand the scope of its application. CAU focuses on the child’s personality and behavior, hoping to see not only skills in arts and crafts, but also development in becoming a responsible and informed citizen.

CAU also adheres to the Armenian Apostolic Church:  

"I will bless Cross of Armenian Unity organization, expecting him to remain in his vocation and indeed the younger generation seed."

                      The blessing of Catholicos Vazgen I. 

National and universal values and a protected, educated and prosperous society.
Multifaceted cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora community.

To support the development of active, educated, informed, and patriotic citizens with strong national and universal values and to improve their quality of life, paying particular attention to vulnerable groups.
And to strengthen the relationship between Armenia and the Diaspora.


Love for Man..
Man holds the highest value for us. We work for the formation of good living conditions for the individual citizen. Due to the humanity, we can give all our best efforts and resources to other people.

Love the motherland..
Home is a valued environment where people can experience safety and national and universal values and fully express themselves. Patriotism drives us to be loyal to our cause.

Faith in God. .
Our faith in God motivates us to do the right thing and to believe in our goals, regardless of the obstacles that we face.

Homeland and Diaspora Unity..
Armenia and the Diaspora are a nation united by their roots, and their collaboration will help both to better reach their goals.

Our activities are guided by the following principles:
  • Respect for everyone’s individuality and originality and the fulfillment of one’s potential.
  • The promotion of an integrated civil society and active citizens dedicated to shaping culture in positive ways.
  • People need a foundation of wellbeing and self-knowledge to best express themselves.
  • Responsible and patriotic citizens must uphold their national and universal values.
  • The Homeland and the Diaspora are equal partners. The motherland needs the Diaspora, both in the Diaspora and in the Homeland, and the two are strongest when they are unified.
  • Commitment to our cause. 
  • Everyone’s input is valuable.


Open your eyes and smile,
Walk to soar,
Care about your friend,
Speak honestly,
Listen patiently,
Help unselfishly,
Love warmly,
Be entirely devoted,

Be content with what you have,
Marvel at nature,
Wonder like a child,,
Give joy,
Remember your roots,
Don’t forget your God,
Open the doors of your soul,
Give me your hand,

Be my friend ...