Art for the Gender Equality

Funded by European Union

Program Duration: 4 months (01.06.2016 - 30.09.2016 )

Program location. Armavir Region

Since June1 2016 Cross of Armenian Unity NGO has been implementing the program “Art for the Gender Equality”. The program is funded by European Union, “International center for Human Development” NGO, “Armavir Development center” NGO, “Women’s community council of Martuni” NGO and collaborating with “Save the Children International” organization in the frame of ''Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia'' program.

The program aims at reducing the levels of gender-biased sex selection of the children in the Ejmiatsin and surrounding communities and evaluating the role of the female sex in the process of nation development.

Within the program ''MANE'' interactive performance was staged. It will be shown 17 times; 5 times in the city of Ejmiatsin and 1 time in the 12 surrounding communities of Ejmiatsin: Apaga, Aras, Tsiatsan, Voskehat, Aknashen, Paraqar, Argavand, Guy, Musa, Mrgastan, Haytagh and Norakert.

1120 spectators of 17 plus age will watch the performance. They will be informed about the gender-biased sex selection problems through art.

The Actors
The actor stuff represents the actors of “Machanents Theater”.


Ashkhen Soghomonyan
Aram Ghazaryan

Mery Sahakyan
Shushanik Talasyan

Preparatory work
The project partner Machanents theater staged the performance. Crossof Armenian Unity NGO made the poster and placed it in the city center of Ejmiatsin. The days are changing on the poster according to the presentation days.

The premiere of “MANE” performance was held on August 25. Among the official guests were the president of Cross of Armenian Unity NGO Grigor Babakhanyan, Susanna Mkrtchyan responsible for the development of project courses ''Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia''. The project implements the representative of “Save the Children International” in Armenia. Also “Arpinet” LLC associates and the actors of Machanents theater were present.
Since the presentation was interactive, the audience suggested its solutions to the situation. At the end of the performance the audience watched a social video made in the frame of the program ''Combating Gender-Biased Sex Selection in Armenia''.

The performances in the surrounding communities of Ejmiatsin

In the frame of "Art for the Gender Equality " program "MANE" interactive performance was once performed in Arevshat, Geghakert, Aghavnatun and Paraqar communities. After the performances community discussions were held which informed people about sex-selective abortions,their consequences and the solutions to their problems.

The regular discussions and performances planed in the frame of the program were held in Griboyedov and Ptghunk communities.